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Translation Office of Antalya


Your Solution Partner in Antalya

Translation Request

In addition to translating 64 languages into Turkish and vice versa, we provide cross translation services in 20 languages.

Quotation and Approval

Send documents by email or via our online ordering tab and get a quote. After your approval, the translation starts.

Translator Assignment

The translation file you approve is sent to a sworn translator who is an expert in the field and the translation process starts quickly.

Editor Control

The documents are double checked while the translation is in progress and after it is completed, and then delivered to you under the supervision of the editor.

Sworn and Notarized Translation

After translation, based on the request of the receiving institution, the documents are signed by translator, notarized and apostilled.

Same Day Shipping

Translations in Antalya are delivered on the same day, while deliveries outside the city take 2 (two) business days.

Possibility of delivery by Cargo!

Our reference

On-Time Delivery

Your projects will be delivered to you on the date and time specified in our project quotation file. We know the importance of on-time delivery for our clients, which is why we deliver your translation projects within the specified timeframe.

Affordable Rates

Aspendos Tercüme offers more affordable services than its competitors due to its competitive pricing policy. The fact that the company has a full-time staff of translators has enabled Aspendos Tercüme to set a more competitive price policy.

Industry-Specific Solutions

User manuals, catalogs, brochures, brochures, promotional letters, export correspondence, invoices, commercial contracts, agreements, contracts, ATR documents that must be submitted to the Customs are among the documents we translate on a sectoral translation basis.

Cross Translation

It is the service of translating a document in a language other than Turkish into a language other than Turkish. We are at your service for all your translation projects with our professional and specialized translators from all countries.

Team of Expert Translators

With our experienced team of translators with special expertise in many fields such as technical, legal and medical translation, we offer you translation services with maximum quality at the most affordable price.


All your translated documents, both source and target texts, are stored on our servers for a period of 10 (ten) years. You can access all the documents you had them translated earlier at any time.

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