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Antalya Wedding Translation

Antalya Wedding translation has critical importance for everything to be perfect referring to the meaning and importance of the day, in this special moment where people marry to each other. Wedding transactions are done in Turkish language in our Country. For this reason, it is necessary to understand what is said of the wedding officer and answers given by the person who will marry.

Our wedding translation service is not consist of translation between languages for the couples. In the context of our wedding translation service, the necessary documents for the marriage process are also shared. In addition, some documents need to be approved by relevant institutions and organizations. This will ensure that the documents become valid. In other words, we will be informing you about the procedures to be done in abroad.


There are many documents that a foreign national person must obtain from his/her country. İf need to give some samples; the passport is among the sine qua of these documents. If the person does not have a passport, transactions will not be progress. Moreover, due to the information contained in the passport is considered to be the source, there should be no errors or omissions in this section.

Foreign nationals must also provide certificate of celibacy from their own country. There is also a requirement that this document must be translated and approved by a notary certified sworn translator. The certificate of celibacy must be completed and sent of the Apostille. Otherwise, you will need to do this within the borders of our country.

Since the last part of the translation of marriage is the moment of solemnize, everything that is expressed by the wedding officer must be translated to the foreign national person. The answers to the questions asked by the Registrar, are translated into Turkish from the relevant country language and translated again to the Registrar.

Our wedding translation services include detailed information about how the whole process should be managed beyond the translation between the two languages at the wedding table. Our services have been completed with the completion of all the necessary procedures, getting a wedding day and translation service at the time of marriage and witnessing the couples who are entered into matrimony. The translation of the marriage must be provided by the professionals in order to avoid any setbacks on the road to happiness.


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