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Antalya Title Deed Translation - Aspendos Tercüme

Antalya Title Deed Translation

In our country, where real estate is gaining value, foreign investors’ attention is at this point attracted to our country. Foreign investors carefully follow and purchase real estate in areas where they can invest their money and spend quality time. Antalya is among our important cities that have managed to attract the attention of foreign investors.

            Foreign investors who prefer real estate in Antalya are generally in an effort to use what they have purchased, albeit in certain periods. In other words, they take critical steps towards living actively in our country. This situation also contains many details that will contribute to our country’s economy.

            It is necessary to offer solution partnership to foreign investors in purchasing real estate. Because many terms are expressed in the land registry office and these terms need to be fully and completely conveyed to the buyer. At exactly this point, we, as Aspendos Tercüme ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş., offer a solution partnership for investors to perceive the questions asked by the Land Registry Office clerk correctly and to translate their answers correctly into our language.

            We make great efforts to ensure a seamless mutual exchange by providing translation services with sworn translators in the required field. We act professionally in being meticulous, impartial and clear in all areas to be translated and we are committed to approaching both parties objectively.

            Within the scope of our title deed translation service, we work with translators who have completed the necessary trainings to accurately translate all concepts in the land registry into the buyer’s language. Regardless of the nationality of the buyer, Aspendos Tercüme ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. has many sworn translators who are fluent in all languages and are always ready for service.

            As your solution partner in Alanya title deed translation, we put an intense effort to ensure that you take the right steps by meeting your translation needs for all your investments. In all stages of the title deed translation process, we do not compromise the principle of impartiality and only carry out the translation work and communicate without including our comments. In this way, we only explain the procedure to you. We translate all the documents and information requested by the Land Registry Office officer into the buyer’s language and translate the information from the buyer into our language in the same way. In this way, we help both parties to complete the process seamlessly without speaking the same language in buying and selling transactions.



Telefon: 0242 280 10 63
Faks: 0242 678 10 65
Adres: Demirciler Mah. Hükümet Konağı kat:2 Akseki/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 10 72-1073
Faks: 0242 426 26 69
Adres: Serik cad.Fikri Toprak İşhanı no:20 kat:1 Aksu/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 10 90 – 0242 280 10 92
Faks: 0242 522 58 01
Adres: Kızılpınar Mah. Hacıkadiroğlu Sokak.No:16 Alanya/ANTALYA
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Adres: Hükümet Konağı kat:2 Demre/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 25 – 0242 280 11 26
Faks: 0242 421 31 48
Adres:Yeniköy Mah. ATATÜRK Cad. No:213 Döşemealtı/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 33
Faks: 0242 618 18 23
Adres: Yeni Mah. Antalya Cad. Hükümet Konağı Zemin kat Elmalı/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 38 – 0242 280 11 40
Faks: 0242 855 53 93
Adres: Hükümet Konağı Kat:2 Finike/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 46 – 0242 280 11 48
Faks: 0242 572 10 09
Adres: Yeni mahalle Rıza Büyükakça cad.Esnaf ve Saanatkarlar odası kat:1 Gazipaşa/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 51 – 0242 280 11 52
Faks: 0242 781 20 81
Adres: Belediye Binası Kat:2 Gündoğmuş/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 53
Faks: 0242 691 21 47
Adres: Aşağı Mah. İbradı Hükümet Konağı İbradı/ ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 62 – 0242 280 11 57
Faks: 0242 836 11 22
Adres: Andifli Mah.Hükümet Cad. Hükümet Konağı Kat:2 Kaş/ANTALYA
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Adres: Merkez Mah. Yalı Cad. No:1/B Kemer/ANTALYA
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Adres: Barış Mah. Sakarya Bulvarı No:65 Kepez/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 12 95
Faks: 0242 238 63 22
Adres: Kaymakamlık Binası Konyaaltı/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 81
Faks: 0242 643 01 25
Adres: Hükümet Konağı 1.Kat Korkuteli/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 87
Faks: 0242 887 11 04
Adres: Hükümet Konağı Kumluca/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 11 98
Faks: 0242 746 12 37
Adres: Mimar Sinan Mah. Oymapınar Cad.No:35 Manavgat/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 12 33
Faks: 0242 238 63 23
Adres: Meltem Mah..3802.Sokak No:4 Kat:2 Muratpaşa/ANTALYA
Telefon: 0242 280 12 42
Faks: 0242 722 04 72
Adres: Merkez Mah. Kazım Karabekir Cad.. N0:12 Serik/ANTALYA

As Aspendos Translation Services, we continue to provide services with our professional translation solutions since the first day we started serving to our esteemed customers up to the present. We are ready for you with our expert and experienced translators and project team. Aspendos Translation Services family, which is the first choice of those who are looking for quality services in translation solutions in Antalya, continues to provide professional translation services to you no matter what hours of the day.

Being aware of the difficulties of operating as a translation office in our country, our team puts into a different category all types of translation with the departmental system specially developed. As Aspendos Translation Services, our priority is customer satisfaction and confidence. We respond to your translations with specialist translators in the most appropriate price and time. We produce professional solutions as a team, with our proactive structure that can foresee your demands and requirements, we offer our customers not only a translation service but also long-lasting cooperation. We pursue a transparent policy against our customers, ensure the confidentiality of your information and maintain long-term and permanent relationships while maintaining all your past work without exception. Other Translation Languages that we provide Professional Services are as follows:

Translation of a power of attorney
Translation of an agreement
Translation of a law
Translation of a protocol
Translation of a preliminary report
Translation of a commercial legislation
Translation of a privacy policy
Translation of a license agreement
Translation of a patent agreement
Translation of a dealer contract
Translation of a franchise agreement
Translation of a distribution partnership
Translation of a sales contract
Translation of a share purchase agreement
Translation of a lease
Translation of a court order
Translation of a commitment
Translation of a consent statement
Translation of a testament
Translation of a divorce decree
Translation of a transcript
Translation of a signature circular
Translation of an appeal court decision
Translation of a newsletter
Translation of a discharge indicator
Translation of a criminal record
Translation of a statement of guarantee
Translation of an announcement letter
Translation of EU legislation
Translation of an application to the university
Translation of an explanation
Translation of process documents
Translation of a land register extract
Translation of a residence permit
Translation of a passport
Translation of foreign legislation
Translation of a marriage certificate
Translation of a birth certificate
Translation of a celibacy certificate
Translation of a death certificate
Translation of an invoice
Translation of a balance sheet
Translation of a transcript
Translation of a financial report
Translation of a balance sheet
Translation of an insurance policy
Translation of a loan agreement
Translation of a review report
Translation of technical data
Translation of a visa
Translation of a tender document
Translation of a technical report
Translation of a research development reportTranslation of a cash flow statement
Translation of stock information

Translation of a test report
Translation of a bill of lading
Translation of an activity report
Translation of a confirmation of registration
Translation of a technical procedure
Translation of a bank statement
Translation of a market research
Translation of an annual report
Translation of an annual report
Translation of a feasibility report
Translation of a financial report
Translation of a property valuation 
Translation of approximate costs
Translation of a financial website 
Translation of a financial status presentation
Translation of economic data 
Translation of a sponsorship agreement 
Translation of financial news
Translation of a salary statement 
Translation of SSK excerpts
Translation of an Investment Claims Certificate
Translation of a payroll
Translation of an Erasmus acceptance certificate
Pledge Agreement
Tender document
Translation of a diploma
Translation of a patent
Translation of a technical specification
Translation of a license
Translation of a user manual
Translation of an administrative specification
Translation of a technical analysis
Translation of an analysis certificate
Translation of a guarantee certificate
Translation of a CB certificate
Translation of an ISO certificate
Translation of a quality certificate
Translation of a technical report 
Translation of a TÜV certificate 
Translation of a registration certificate
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Industrial certificate 
Machinery registration certificate 
TSE certificate 
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Translation of a revenue-expenditure table 
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Translation of a final declaration of acceptance 
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