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Translations carried out by notary certified sworn translators are called notary certified translations. It is used in official documents. In order to become a sworn translator in the language they know, translators must sign an oath before a notary (together with documents demonstrating their command of the language).

Apostille is a type of approval that verifies the authenticity of documents in an inter-country standard and is issued by district governorships/governorates. Apostille came into force with the Hague Convention on October 6, 1961 and is only valid between the member states of this convention.


In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter hears what the speaker says in an interpreting booth through headphones and simultaneously translates it into the target language and conveys it to the headphones of the audience through a microphone. In this way, a speaker’s words can be translated into many languages by more than one interpreter at the same time. Simultaneous interpreting is mostly preferred in large and especially multilingual meetings.


Consecutive interpreting takes place when the interpreter listens to what the speaker wants to say and then conveys it to the audience. No technical equipment is used in this type of interpreting. Consecutive interpreting is a method usually used when the meeting in question is very short, technical, confidential, or official.


Cross-translation is the translation of a document in a language other than Turkish into a language other than Turkish. For example, translating an English document into Russian.


In addition to the audio recordings of organizations such as seminars and conferences, it is the work of transcribing all kinds of conversations recorded on tape or any other data storage unit and transforming them into written documents.


It is the process of proofreading a previously translated text to prepare it for use by making the necessary revisions. We recommend proofreading important texts or transcribed audio/video recordings.


There are many considerations in pricing. It is priced by the subject of the text, the number of characters, the number of words or per page.

The deadlines of the translations are determined by factors such as the size of the text, content, the subject, the use of special terminology, etc. We inform you of the most appropriate deadlines in order to ensure that the text does lose its meaning, communicates the message you want to convey in the best way possible, reflects your organization in the best way possible and does not contain any errors.

You can submit your files to us electronically via e-mail. You can forward your hardcopy texts or media containing data such as CDs/DVDs to us via cargo or courier. In addition, upon request, you can open a special FTP account for your organization and copy your files to your private folder.

We can deliver your translated files to you as you wish, either printed, electronically or attested.

Your translated files are retained in our archive for 5 years, depending on whether there is a confidentiality agreement between us or if requested by you, and are resent to you free of charge upon request.


Once the invoice for the translated file has been issued and delivered to you, you can transfer your payment by wire transfer or EFT to any of our bank accounts indicated on the invoice.

For clients who have not worked with our company before and want to ensure the quality of our services, we offer free trial translations up to 1,000 characters. Above 1,000 characters, trial translation requests are charged as per the unit prices of the relevant language.

All translations are human-based translations carried out by professional translators. Since translations generated in this way will be more in line with the content and theme of your document, they are more efficient than automated translation systems.


All translation services delivered to you are protected by our commitment to confidentiality and will not be shared with any third parties. Upon your request, we can enter into a confidentiality agreement or a general agreement with your organization.


We accept your document to be translated as a hard copy such as a book, booklet, brochure. In addition, you can submit it as an e-mail in formats such as Microsoft Office program files, Trados, Adobe, Photoshop, Corel (.doc, .xls, .rtf, .ppt, .pps, .txt, .pdf, .psd, .cdr, etc.).


We have a dedicated team for proofreading and quality check. This team of experienced experts carefully checks any document before it is delivered to you.


This is what we are most afraid of. We deliver our translations to our customer only after we are convinced that our translations are accurate. If you think there is any mistake in the translation, please let us know. The translation will be checked again until our customer is satisfied with the result. However, we would like to emphasize here that we only do translation, and we cannot add extra meaning to a text. Also, it is possible to have the translation checked in the country of the target language as per the instructions of our customers.


As Aspendos Translation Services, we continue to provide services with our professional translation solutions since the first day we started serving to our esteemed customers up to the present. We are ready for you with our expert and experienced translators and project team. Aspendos Translation Services family, which is the first choice of those who are looking for quality services in translation solutions in Antalya, continues to provide professional translation services to you no matter what hours of the day.

Being aware of the difficulties of operating as a translation office in our country, our team puts into a different category all types of translation with the departmental system specially developed. As Aspendos Translation Services, our priority is customer satisfaction and confidence. We respond to your translations with specialist translators in the most appropriate price and time. We produce professional solutions as a team, with our proactive structure that can foresee your demands and requirements, we offer our customers not only a translation service but also long-lasting cooperation. We pursue a transparent policy against our customers, ensure the confidentiality of your information and maintain long-term and permanent relationships while maintaining all your past work without exception.