What is Notarized (Certified) Translation?
Translations by notary sworn translators are referred to as notary sworn translations. This form of translation is used for official transactions. In order for translators to become a sworn translator in their language pairs, they should sign a certificate of oath before a notary public (along with documents proving that they speak the language).
What is Apostille?
Apostille is a type of approval given by district governorships/governorships which certify the authenticity of the documents at transnational standards. The concept of apostille entered into force through the Hague Convention on 6 October 1961 and is applicable only among member states of the Hague Conference.
What is Simultaneous Interpretation?
In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates the message in the target-language as quickly as he or she can formulate it from the source language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks. In the ideal setting for oral language, the interpreter sits in a sound-proof booth and speaks into a microphone, while clearly seeing and hearing the source-language speaker via earphones. In this way, the speech of a speaker can be translated into many languages simultaneously by more than one translator. Simultaneous interpretation is preferred for large-scale and especially multilingual meetings.
What is Consecutive Interpretation?
In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter sits or stands beside the source-language speaker, listening and taking notes as the speaker progresses through the message. No technical equipment is used in consecutive interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is a method that is generally employed in case the meeting is too short, technical, confidential or official.
What is Cross-Translation?
Cross translation is the service of translating a document in a language different from Turkish into a different language from Turkish. For example, the translation of a document in English into Russian.
What is Transcription?
The transcription refers to the work of deciphering any audio recordings of organizations, such as seminars, conferences, and conversations recorded in tapes or any other data storage units is into a written document.
What is Proofreading Service?
The proofreading service refers to the work of making the necessary corrections on a previously translated document and making it available for use. We recommend proofreading of important texts or deciphered audio / video recordings.
How do you price translation files?
There are many factors involved in pricing. Pricing is made based on the subject matter, number of characters, words of the text, or per page.
How do you determine the delivery times of translation files?
The delivery times of translation files are determined based on factors, such as size, content, subject matter of text, use of special terminology. We give you the most appropriate times in order to prevent the text to lose its meaning, to convey the message it intends to give to the other side in the best way and to reflect your institution in the best way possible and to avoid any errors/mistakes.
How can we send our files to be translated to you?
You can send us your files electronically via e-mail. You can send us your printed texts or mediums containing data in CD / DVD by cargo or via courier. Also, you can open a FTP account specific to your organization and copy your files to your private folder, if requested.
How do you send us our translated files?
We can deliver your translated files to you either in print, in electronic form or as certified, depending on your request.
Do you store our translated files in your archive?
Your translated files are stored in our archive for a period of five (5) years, depending on whether we have a confidentiality agreement with you or requested by you, and are sent back to you free of charge when requested.
How can we make payments?
Once the invoice for the file translated has been issued and delivered to you, you can send your payments via wire transfer or EFT to any of our bank accounts specified on the invoice.
Do you provide test translations, if requested?
We provide a free test translation service for our customers who have not worked with our Company previously and who want to be sure of the quality of the service we provide. Translation requests for test translation over 1,000 characters are charged according to the unit prices of the relevant language.
Is there any automated translation program that you use during the translation process?
All translations are human-based translations made by professional translators. Since a translation work done in this way will be appropriate for the content and theme of your document, more efficient results than automated translation systems will be achieved.
Do you provide any confidentiality assurance?
All translation services to be provided to you are protected under our confidentiality commitment and are not shared with any third-party. If you request, we may sign a confidentiality agreement or a general contract with your organization.
In which format should I send my document?
We accept your document as hard copy, such as books, booklets, brochures. In addition, you can send your documents by e-mail in formats such as Microsoft Office program files, Trados, Adobe, Photoshop, Corel files (doc., xls., rtf., ppt., pps., txt., pdf., psd., cdr., etc.).
Do you proofread the translations?
We have a dedicated team for proofreading and quality check. This team of experienced experts carefully checks any document before it is delivered to you.
What if I am not satisfied with your translation?
This is what we are most afraid of. We deliver our translations to our customer only after we are convinced that our translations are accurate. If you think there is any mistake in the translation, please let us know. The translation will be checked again until our customer is satisfied with the result. However, we would like to emphasize here that we only do translation and we cannot add extra meaning to a text. Also, it is possible to have the translation checked in the country of the target language as per the instructions of our customers.

As Aspendos Translation Services, we continue to provide services with our professional translation solutions since the first day we started serving to our esteemed customers up to the present. We are ready for you with our expert and experienced translators and project team. Aspendos Translation Services family, which is the first choice of those who are looking for quality services in translation solutions in Antalya, continues to provide professional translation services to you no matter what hours of the day.

Being aware of the difficulties of operating as a translation office in our country, our team puts into a different category all types of translation with the departmental system specially developed. As Aspendos Translation Services, our priority is customer satisfaction and confidence. We respond to your translations with specialist translators in the most appropriate price and time. We produce professional solutions as a team, with our proactive structure that can foresee your demands and requirements, we offer our customers not only a translation service but also long-lasting cooperation. We pursue a transparent policy against our customers, ensure the confidentiality of your information and maintain long-term and permanent relationships while maintaining all your past work without exception. Other Translation Languages that we provide Professional Services are as follows:

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