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German Translation

“German is spoken by about 110 million people around the world. It is spoken in 38 different countries and it belongs to the German language family of the Indian European language family, and has official language status in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg.”
“With its advanced economy, Germany is one of the most important countries of Europe and the world.
From the automotive sector to the pharmaceutical sector there are hundreds of international companies in Germany. In this context, German translations are increasingly important as Germany is an important trading country.”
“We can not just mention translation requests in an economic sense.
Due to the fact that Germany is one of the most immigrated countries, many foreign language translation requests such as immigration applications and education are encountered””We do not compromise on quality and speed in the German translation services that we offer with the most reasonable prices. We welcome your urgent requests with a 24/7 working policy. You can contact us anytime and ask for price.”


Learning foreign languages and translation/interpretation have become a constant need in this globalizing world. We may need translation every day in our daily and business life. Aspendos Tercüme ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. is a specialized company established to meet the translation/interpretation needs of our esteemed customers. With over ten years of experience, translation in 64 languages like English, German, Russian, Arabic, Persian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Chinese in particular is done by skilled translators/interpreters oo Aspendos Tercüme ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş.

About Us

There is a huge difference between English we use in everyday life and translating a diploma or any document of a mining company. Terms and business terminologies in each language can be very different. We are well aware that our translators must fully master the culture, particulars of the relevant language, and we act according to this criterion in the selection of translators/interpreters. The point to which our Company, which has adopted operating in a planned and disciplined manner as a principle, attaches a great importance is customer satisfaction and trust. Positive feedbacks received from you and long-term cooperation with you up to now give us confidence and encourage us to always do better. Just contact us for any and all your translation and interpreting needs in all sectors, the rest will be handled by experienced teams of Aspendos Tercüme ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Working System

Aspendos Tercüme ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. is available 24/7 for you anytime whether on weekdays or at weekend. We virtually operate as a translator/interpreter in need for you. We appreciate that time is of great essence for you as much as it is for us. Information transmitted to us by you is never shared with any other person or entity and you will be provided an assurance related thereto. Our teams are composed of not only translators/interpreters, but also doctors, dentists, engineers, architects, lawyers, social media experts and writers. The most prominent feature that distinguishes our Company from other translation companies is that for all projects, we assign translators who have a full command of the terminology of the work being translated. It is very important that translators have knowledge about the terminology of the work they translate when meeting requests for translation.

Aspendos Translation and Consultancy Services Inc.

Such requests may be the translation of a simple user manual, brochure, banner as well as translation work, such as international law, trade, education and articles from refereed journals. At this very point, the translation work to be done requires not only having a full command of the relevant language, but also mastering the relevant field.

Aspendos Translation and Consultancy Services Inc.
Antalya’nın Tercüme Bürosu

Some services that we provide

Translation services we provide can be listed as follows; written translation, interpretation, simultaneous translation, notarized certified sworn translation, sign language translation, translation during marriage ceremony, translation of title deed documents, medical translation, academic translation, legal translation, thesis translation, article translation, technical translation, social media and deciphering. You can contact us through our constantly available phone numbers and WhatsApp and can forward your request for translation. Our relevant department will contact you immediately when you fill in the section ”Let us Call You” in our Homepage.

We, as Aspendos Tercüme ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş., are at your service with a total of our four (4) branch offices, three (3) located in Aspendos, Meltem, Konyaaltı districts in Antalya and one (1) in Alanya.

We rely on our approach to and dialogue with our customers. We pay a great attention to your requests and do our best to meet your needs in the best way possible. Our customers in numbers expressed in thousands that we have gained until this time and our long-term cooperation with our customers give us confidence and encourage us to always do better.

As Aspendos Translation Services, we continue to provide services with our professional translation solutions since the first day we started serving to our esteemed customers up to the present. We are ready for you with our expert and experienced translators and project team. Aspendos Translation Services family, which is the first choice of those who are looking for quality services in translation solutions in Antalya, continues to provide professional translation services to you no matter what hours of the day.

Being aware of the difficulties of operating as a translation office in our country, our team puts into a different category all types of translation with the departmental system specially developed. As Aspendos Translation Services, our priority is customer satisfaction and confidence. We respond to your translations with specialist translators in the most appropriate price and time. We produce professional solutions as a team, with our proactive structure that can foresee your demands and requirements, we offer our customers not only a translation service but also long-lasting cooperation. We pursue a transparent policy against our customers, ensure the confidentiality of your information and maintain long-term and permanent relationships while maintaining all your past work without exception. Other Translation Languages that we provide Professional Services are as follows:

Translation of a power of attorney
Translation of an agreement
Translation of a law
Translation of a protocol
Translation of a preliminary report
Translation of a commercial legislation
Translation of a privacy policy
Translation of a license agreement
Translation of a patent agreement
Translation of a dealer contract
Translation of a franchise agreement
Translation of a distribution partnership
Translation of a sales contract
Translation of a share purchase agreement
Translation of a lease
Translation of a court order
Translation of a commitment
Translation of a consent statement
Translation of a testament
Translation of a divorce decree
Translation of a transcript
Translation of a signature circular
Translation of an appeal court decision
Translation of a newsletter
Translation of a discharge indicator
Translation of a criminal record
Translation of a statement of guarantee
Translation of an announcement letter
Translation of EU legislation
Translation of an application to the university
Translation of an explanation
Translation of process documents
Translation of a land register extract
Translation of a residence permit
Translation of a passport
Translation of foreign legislation
Translation of a marriage certificate
Translation of a birth certificate
Translation of a celibacy certificate
Translation of a death certificate
Translation of an invoice
Translation of a balance sheet
Translation of a transcript
Translation of a financial report
Translation of a balance sheet
Translation of an insurance policy
Translation of a loan agreement
Translation of a review report
Translation of technical data
Translation of a visa
Translation of a tender document
Translation of a technical report
Translation of a research development reportTranslation of a cash flow statement
Translation of stock information

Translation of a test report
Translation of a bill of lading
Translation of an activity report
Translation of a confirmation of registration
Translation of a technical procedure
Translation of a bank statement
Translation of a market research
Translation of an annual report
Translation of an annual report
Translation of a feasibility report
Translation of a financial report
Translation of a property valuation
Translation of approximate costs
Translation of a financial website
Translation of a financial status presentation
Translation of economic data
Translation of a sponsorship agreement
Translation of financial news
Translation of a salary statement
Translation of SSK excerpts
Translation of an Investment Claims Certificate
Translation of a payroll
Translation of an Erasmus acceptance certificate
Pledge Agreement
Tender document
Translation of a diploma
Translation of a patent
Translation of a technical specification
Translation of a license
Translation of a user manual
Translation of an administrative specification
Translation of a technical analysis
Translation of an analysis certificate
Translation of a guarantee certificate
Translation of a CB certificate
Translation of an ISO certificate
Translation of a quality certificate
Translation of a technical report
Translation of a TÜV certificate
Translation of a registration certificate
Translation of a manufacturer’s certificate
Translation of a certificate of competence
Translation of a technical regulation
Translation of a quality management system
Translation of a capacity report
Industrial certificate
Machinery registration certificate
TSE certificate
Translation of an official journal
Translation of a register of registries
Translation of a technical documentTranslation of a health reportTranslation of a sales report

Translation of an installation directive
Translation of a technical manual
Translation of a traffic certificate
Translation of a revenue-expenditure table
Translation of an ATA certificate
Translation of an A.TR traffic certificate
Translation of a EUR-MED transport certificate
Translation of a preliminary declaration of acceptance
Translation of a final declaration of acceptance
Translation of a certificate of operation
Translation of ethical rules
Translation of working principles
Translation of an employment contract
Translation of exception statements
Translation of a production license
Translation of a service qualification
Translation of a strategy document
Translation of an action plan
Translation of meeting notes
Translation of a decision of the Board of Directors
Translation of a tax balance sheet
Translation of an activity certificate
Translation of a commercial register
Translation of a founding contract
Translation of a company statute
Translation of an IK report
Translation of a resolution of the General Assembly
Translation of a petition
Translation of business correspondence
Translation of customs declarations
Translation of a certificate of origin
Translation of a guarantee statement
Translation of a company presentation
Representative certificate
Feature changes
Translation of an economic report
Translation of a financial analysis
Translation of business news
Translation of an economic analysis
Translation of an annual report
Translation of a press advertisement
Translation of company news
Translation of a registration certificate
Translation of a draft amendment
Translation of a price index
Translation of a formula A.
Translation of a formula B
Translation of a certificate of registration
Translation of a chamber registration
Translation of an industry opening certificate
Translation of a relocation document

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